“One of the most exciting parts of going green for Bread & Roses Housing Community Land Trust is being able to bring cutting edge, energy-efficient systems and practices to the low-income families that are part of our affordable home ownership program. The long-term economic utility savings to families in our program that have PV arrays is significant - when every hard earned dollar is needed to meet the needs of their growing families. But more than that, knowing that "solar panels" are becoming common household words in this economically challenged urban community is extremely gratifying. We are delighted that Transformations has been able to assist Bread & Roses Housing in creating homes that are healthy for the children of today and sustainable into the future."

Mary Marra

Bread & Roses Housing

Lawrence, MA

“It's been a pleasure working with Transformation, particularly because of the wider work that Transformations does in the high performance home building sphere. It's important that a solar company understands the big picture, and is not simply slapping panels onto buildings. Transformations "gets it" about the energy conservation side of things and they have pushed the envelope of designing and providing high performance, low energy consumption homes. Their response time has always been very quick, too. I don't call any other installers but Transformations anymore."

Brian Butler

Boston Green Building

Allston, MA

“In the fall of 2012, having decided that the time had come to act on our long-standing interest in sustainable energy, we selected Transformations to install a 48 panel PV array on our barn roof. Our project manager led us smoothly through a variety of complex decisions involving product configuration strategies, installation details, and cost recovery calculations. What really made whole process not only a success, but also enjoyable, was the project management skills that Transformations brought to the table. Every step of the way, Transformations was on top of every detail, especially when it came to interfacing with regulatory and utility personnel.”

Frederica Cushman and Steven Wallis

Lexington, MA