DOE challenge home 2013 winner - custom house

When Wes Parlee moved his family of three into their new 1,912-square-foot custom home in April 2012, he knew he’d get lower energy bills but he was still a bit surprised by the $700 check he got from his utility company less than a year later. [read more]

DOE challenge home 2013 winner - production house

The eight homes built by Transformations, Inc., in a subdivision in Devens, MA, not only produce more energy than they consume, they are affordable for middleclass buyers.

“We have been working for years to drive down the cost of high-performance homes,” said company president Carter Scott. “It costs about $100 a square foot to build a code house here; our high-performance homes are only $1.43 above this [yes, that’s about a dollar and a half], including the land and driveway.” As a result, the first home was built and sold within 6 months, and the others were all sold or under agreement within a year of the first. [read more]

The builder who accomplished the impossible, page 74

"The Future of Housing in America" by Kevin Ireton

"Carter Scott is building and selling whole neighborhoods of affordable spec homes that produce more energy than they consume."

"Carter Scott was doing the miraculous, which is not only thinking about the engineering as he was changing the systems, but also managing to do a spec home where he could make the prices work." [read more]


Super-efficient construction and declining PV prices mean renewable energy to spare at this community of affordable houses

R. CARTER SCOTT — My Massachusetts-based company, Transformations Inc., had already built several double-studded homes with Home Energy Rating System (HERS) indexes as low as -4 when MassDevelopment — the state’s finance and development authority — was looking to showcase sustainable
housing in 2009. [read more]

zero energy and beyond in devens, mass

A MassDevelopment residential community showcases homes that produce more energy than they use

R. CARTER SCOTT — At Transformations, we enjoy being on the creative edge of energy-efficient building, and part of our mission is to share what we learn with others. The MassDevelopment project presented an opportunity to take things to the next level—to continue the innovations and help get the word out on affordable zero-energy homes. We seized that opportunity, and we made the most of it. Here's the story. [read more]

Easthampton development features ‘net-zero’ home

EASTHAMPTON — When Michelle and David Zagorski moved into one of nine homes for low-income first-time homebuyers in a development off Button Road in July 2012, they knew they were getting a so-called net-zero home — one that has the potential to produce as much energy as it uses. But that didn’t mean much to them at the time. [read more]


Shiny Solar Pennies From Heaven

As we head into the snowy season, a bright spot was celebrated for a Devens couple who has received their first electricity rebate check. In effect, they've caused their electric meter to spin -- backwards. [read more]

For Devens homes, it's easy being green

Jennifer Burney and Deborah Cary have their sights set on the shiny roofs on Adams Circle in Devens

The subdivision being built by Townsend developer Carter Scott comes with solar panel systems large enough to feed all the power the homeowners would need and more. Wes Parlee, who owns a three-bedroom house on the street, for one, has at least $9 to $10 left over from the sales each month after paying for propane, water and sewer... [read more]

Renewable Energy World

Energy partnership with Transformations Inc. brings innovative AllSun Tracker to Massachusetts

A new local partnership will bring the innovative AllSun Tracker solar electric system to homeowners and businesses throughout Massachusetts... [read more]

GREEn Building Advisor

Just Two Minisplits Heat and Cool the Whole House

Carter Scott has built 18 homes in Massachusetts without any heat in the bedrooms... [read more]

New solar neighborhood in Easthampton

A new community is being built in Easthampton that is especially green; it is a neighborhood of homes that are all powered by solar panels... [read more]

Zero net-energy houses going up in Devens

Carter Scott, president of Transformations Inc., has a simple formula for success: build new homes with almost no energy costs to sell at market-rate prices. At least he makes it sound simple... [read more]

Best of Build Boston

Build Boston, the largest regional conference and trade show for the design and construction industry in the United States, recently demonstrated again why it has earned such preeminence... [read more]

Making Net-Zero Affordable

Case Study | High-Performance Building

At the Homes at Easthampton Meadows in Massachusetts, market-rate high-performance homes are a developer’s edge... [read more]

Green Development Features Affordable Homes

Building or buying a green home is too expensive, right? Not if you’re Carter Scott of Transformations, a home developer in Townsend, Mass., who is building a 41-home development of energy-efficient three-bedroom homes... [read more]

'Meadow' may get 33 homes: MassHousing lends $1.7M for Easthampton project's last phase

A new $12 million home development at the foot of Mount Tom will combine affordable prices and “green” design when ground is broken on the first two units in August... [read more]

Homes of the Future

Devens Development Will Produce Its Own Energy

Devens Green. More than a name, it’s the philosophy behind a new neighborhood being carved into the landscape of the former Fort Devens Army base... [read more]

Zero energy housing project breaks ground at devens

Adams Circle at Devens will be the site of a new community featuring eight single-family zero-energy homes, homes that produce more energy than they consume over the course of a year by combining solar (PV) energy, efficient mini-split heat pumps, along with other environmentally sustainable devices. Local developer R. Carter Scott... [read more]

Pushing The Green Envelope | Devens housing project aims to break the mold on energy efficiency. But is there a market?

If you want to get a sneak peak of the house of the future, look no further than Devens. In a few decades, if not sooner, new homes will not just be ultra-energy efficient, they'll actually produce more power than they consume, predicts Carter Scott, owner of Transformations of Townsend, a home builder. Scott and his team at Transformations are working to make that concept a reality... [read more]

Third phase of Treehouse project in Easthampton an energy saver

Whoever ends up buying a home at a subdivision under construction off Park Street in Easthampton is going to save on electric bills. The first of 33 "net-zero" homes is being built at the Treehouse at Easthampton Meadow development, a foster and adoptive community in operation since 2004... [read more]

Field trip tours zero-energy home of the 21st century

Carter Scott, president of Transformations, Inc., a town-based "sustainable development and building company," may be one of a new breed or in a class by himself. Either way, Coppersmith Way, a three-year-old development still under construction, may be on the ground floor of a new building era... [read more]

Zero net-energy homes

Townsend builder: Energy efficiency doesn’t need to be expensive

Take a step into the blue farmhouse on Coppersmith Way, and you’ll see an open concept kitchen overlooking a bright living room, an outdoor deck and all the  amenities that househunters look for. But what makes... [read more]

The Zero Energy Challenge

How competing in a Massachusetts homebuilding competiton reshaped one builder's approach to affordable, high-performance homes... [read more]

Green units profitable, says builder

For the most part, the houses on Marla Circle in Tyngsborough look like a typical snapshot of suburbia. The architectural style is Colonial or Greek Revival, blending with the New England feel of the town... [read more]


MassDevelopment has announced that Transformations, Inc., a Townsend-based residential development company that specializes in sustainable building and green housing, will build eight single-family, moderately priced zero-net-energy homes - houses that produce as much energy as they use - at Adams Circle in Devens... [read more]