With a Zero-Energy Custom Home, your new home should generate as much energy as your family consumes in the home over the course of the year.  This means saying goodbye to utility bills, cold drafts and uncomfortable spaces and hello to utility credits, warm even temperatures and a healthy carbon footprint. 

We can now produce extra  renewable energy on many of our custom homes that can power plug-in and pure electric vehicles. These new Energy Positive Homes are the wave of the future.   A recently built custom home is now projected to produce a net surplus of 10,200 kilowatt hours of electricity each year.  This is enough energy to power an electric vehicle for 30,000 miles---year after year!

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index is used to evaluate most energy efficient buildings.  It was originally designed with a HERS index of 100 as meeting code and a HERS Index of 0 signifying the home is projected to produce as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year.  In Massachusetts, the code home is now about 91, Energy Star less than that, and stretch code coming in at 65 or 70 depending on the size of the home.  The HERS Index on this recently completed custom home built by Transformations was -21.  We have another custom home coming in with a HERS Index of -36.  With these type of homes, we not only reduce the carbon foot associated with buildings, but now go after the carbon associated with the transportation sector!

We prefer a  design-build relationship where we help you co-create the home of your intentions.  We can work with our architect or collaborate with yours.  We work step by step to create a comfortable, energy positive, custom home for you to enjoy for years.

We can build on your lot or one of ours.  If there is a town where you want to build in, please let us know as we may have existing leads on building lots.  Please email us by clicking here to inquire about your project today.

Click on the links below for details on the Transformations Custom Homes:

Westborough, MA

A California style home that was designed to capture abundant natural light, views to the meadow, have impeccable indoor air quality, and pursue a net zero energy goal.

Devens, MA

MassDevelopment put out a request for qualifications for developer/builders to design and build net zero energy homes at its Devens residential community. The Transformations team was chosen to build 8 single family net zero energy homes.

Princeton, MA

The clients were interested in building an energy efficient historic looking home. They had built their existing home some 20 years previously and wanted to upgrade to today's standards.

Stow, MA

The clients approached Transformations with the desire to design and build a super tight, energy efficient, passive oriented home on a lot they had purchased.

Maynard, MA

The clients had the desire to design and build a small energy efficient, passive oriented home on a lot they were about to purchase.  As a physicist, client was very knowledgeable about thermal properties and desired a high mass passive solar home from the outset.

Custom home project architect testimonial:

"Transformations' project manager brought skill, integrity, and good judgment to the job, to coordinate with the owner, subcontractors, and myself to resolve issues, finalize details, and achieve high quality in the construction and finishes.  His extra commitment to the project made a huge difference" 

-Tom Harden, architect of record, Westborough home