Devens Green Zero Energy Community
Harvard, Massachusetts

MassDevelopment put out a request for qualifications for developer/builders to design and build net zero energy homes at its Devens residential community. The 8 team submissions were narrowed down to 4 to submit proposals. The Transformations team was chosen to build 8 single family net zero energy homes.


  • Located in the Town of Harvard
  • 8 Home Development of Zero Energy Homes
  • Home Energy Rating System Indexes as low as -36!!!


  • Sold out in 2013

Market Rate Home Styles


  • 7.59 to 18.33 kW Grid-tied Solar Electric Systems
  • 12" Double Studded R-45 Low Density Foam Walls, R- 63  Cellulose Attic Insulation, R-20 Closed Cell Foam on the Basement Walls, R-5 Windows, and R-10 Rigid Insulation Under the Basement Slab
  • ENERGY STAR Certified Rating of Zero Energy and Positive Energy Homes


  • Ventilation systems, Low or No VOC Materials/Sealants/Paints, Hard Floor Surfaces


  • Water Conserving Fixtures, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Low Maintenance Materials

In the summer of 2011 we began construction. The first home was sold by October. By Labor Day 2012 there was only one home not spoken for and Transformations began looking for more home sites.

Transformations designed Greek Revival, Victorian and Farmhouse designs with the gable end to the street and the large solar electric (PV) systems to the side. These homes have 3 bedrooms as a standard with an additional Bonus Room that could be finished off later as a 4th bedroom, office or recreation room.

Transformations' Lot 6 Saltbox has been awarded the Energy Star Certificate for its incredible -37 HERS rating - click to see more.

Transformations also designed saltbox and ranch style homes with the roofs facing the street and the PV system on the rear of the home. A customized version of a Saltbox model was built in 2012 (see under Custom Zero Energy Homes). It has (78) 235 watt solar electric panels for a system size of 18.33 kW. The final certified HERS Index is -21. It is estimated to produce 10,200 kilowatt hours more that it consumes in a 12 month period. This is enough additional energy to power a Nissan Leaf of Chevy Volt for 30,000 mile, year after year.

The Saltbox has a first floor master bedroom and two additional bedrooms upstairs. It was built on speculation. It has (68) 240 watt panels for a system size of 16.31 kW. The preliminary HERS Index came in at -31.

The ranch model was customized and is currently under construction. (72) 240 watt solar electric panels will grace its roof. The power rating on this systems is 17,280 watts. The preliminary rating based on the plans, of HERS -36.

With a net zero energy home you solve your share of the 48% carbon emissions that come from the building sector---and you don't have any utility bills to pay. We now can go beyond this and address another 33% of the carbon emissions from the transportation sector.

Now you can also use your car to power a portion of your house when the grid goes down---with vehicle to home back up power.

The Devens Homes are being featured in an upcoming SOLAR TODAY article, scheduled for the March/April 2013 issue.

Click here for our video segment on Connecting Point where we discuss Transformations' Zero Net Energy Private Homes.