Transformations as Developer

Transformations has several zero energy communities both in the ground and in planning stage in Massachusetts. All of the homes are now being built with the goal of being net zero energy and energy positive homes.  Each home is designed to produce more energy than consumed over the course of a year when combining solar (PV) energy, efficient mini-split heat pumps, along with other environmentally sustainable devices to make homes as efficient and comfortable as possible. Most of the development plans have a traditional New England styles including Greek revivals, colonials, victorians, saltboxes, farm houses, and carriage houses.

Please click on the links below for details on the Transformations Zero Energy Communities:

Village Hill
Northampton, MA

Summit Oaks at Village Hill - net-zero energy housing that has a positive impact for the residents, the City of Northampton, the state and for the climate at large. Featuring Duplex Townhouses, Single Family Homes and Cohousing in a new sustainable inspired community development.

Townsend, MA

Award winning project consisting of 40 new homes surrounded by conservation land

Harvard, MA

The Harvard project has 24
Zero Energy Homes planned

Roxbury, MA

Winner of the Boston Housing Authority's Energy Plus Challenge for the Highland Street Site

Princeton, MA

A cluster of 4 Zero Energy Homes, each on a lovely 3-5 acres, each surrounded by conservation land

Devens, MA

Single family Zero Energy Homes, with Harvard schools, priced starting at under $350,000

Laurel Street
Northampton, MA

Transformations, Inc. has been chosen to design and build four Zero Energy homes in the South Campus along Laurel Street.

Littleton, MA

Carter Scott was approached after giving a talk at a Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Building Energy event. The owners of the land had just received approvals for creating four additional lots surrounding their family land. They looked to Transformations, Inc. to see if zero energy homes could be built on them.

Design/Build for other Developers

Transformations is performing a very cost effective general contracting design/build role for developers seeking to move existing approved projects along and plan new ones in a Zero Energy Attainable format.  Transformations works for both for profit and not for profit companies, both multi-family and single family projects, as well as both ownership and rental projects.

Please click on the links below for details on the design/build Zero Energy Communities for other developers:

Easthampton, MA

There are 33 Zero Energy Attainable Homes approved in a 40B project

Lexington, MA

Three Zero Energy multi-family rental projects in the design and permitting pipeline for the Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LexHAB)

Sudbury, MA

Transformations, Inc. is building affordable, Zero Energy housing for the Sudbury Housing Trust. Consisting of one single family home and a duplex these homes will be affordable and super energy efficient.

Consulting for other Builders and Developers

Transformations offers consulting for builders and developers that want to incorporate more energy efficient techniques into their homes.  The Transformations Zero Energy Home platform is very cost effective to build in states with Energy Star incentives and Solar Renewable Energy Credits.  In Massachusetts, we have found the marginal cost to get to Zero Energy from a Stretch Code Town (HERS 65 or 70 depending on the size) to a HERS Index of 0 is about $3.00 per square foot with a Transformations solar electric lease.  Please email us by clicking here for consulting rates and inquire about your project today.

Transformations also installs solar electric systems for builders and developers in our Builder Program.  Please email us by clicking here for details on this exciting solar installation program for builders and developers.