Transformations, Inc. specializes in developing and building sustainable Zero Energy Communities, building out residential Zero Energy projects for other developers, building Zero Energy Custom Homes, and installing Solar Electric Systems for existing homes and businesses. The company located in Townsend, Massachusetts and was incorporated in 1986 by its president, R. Carter Scott. It has served over a thousand customers since its start in the contracting field.

Transformations has several Zero Energy Communities both in the ground and in the planning stages throughout Massachusetts. The sites include projects in Townsend, Princeton, Harvard, Devens, Easthampton, and Roxbury. The Zero Net Energy is achieved over the course of a year's time, through active power production from solar electric panels combined with passive usage reducers to make our homes as energy efficient as possible. In many of the communities Transformations has created Zero Energy Affordable Housing units. All these new Zero Energy homes are designed to produce as much energy as they consume over a years time.

Transformations provides individuals interested in Zero Energy Customs Homes the ability to create energy efficient residencies. These homes incorporate the same sustainability as Transformations' communities while maintaining the architecture and styling of your desires.

Transformations provides Solar Electric Installations for existing and new homes and commercial properties. This drastically cuts down on energy demands from outside sources reducing ones carbon footprint and costs for homeowners and businesses.

The vision for the future includes eco villages in various locations. Transformations is open for working with owners of land, desiring to mindfully develop their properties, developers looking to build out their projects, and individuals looking to custom build or add a solar electric systems to their home or business.

Transformations won the $15,000 prize in the Zero Energy Challenge program sponsored by the investor owned utilities in Massachusetts. Solar Today magazine has a feature article in their November/December 2008 issue about the project of which the electronic version is available here. The Discovery Channel "Renovation Nation" filmed the project and has shown the half hour segment numerous times.